Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Canker Sore also known as Mouth Ulcer

Have you ever experience of having a big canker sore or mouth sore? I do, and having this is such a big trouble with my appetite. Can you imagine of having an appetizing meals and mouthwatering desserts in front of you and you are very eager to eat them all but whenever you try it.... Wahahahaha!!!! You are turning into a MonsTer ... 

What I've experienced was like a horror movie or a nightmare... I lost my appetite for 1 week but I have to eat and drink to survive.  I thought that drinking ice cold water will be the best solution aside from cleaning your canker sore, however, it gets worse. I have my canker sore plus I got Tonsillitis, I can't even swallow my saliva.

It feels like somebody is trying to burn your mouth.
 To treat my canker sore I tried a lot of  treatment, traditionally and according to internet sources. Remember when you have this and the oldies telling you "Lagyan mo ng tawas, tiisin mo lang".
 Oh yeah! I don't think so... It's not effective yet it gets my canker sore worse.  

I searched on internet what is the best and fast relieve home remedy for canker sore and I find out that Baking Soda will do.

What I did was to get a teaspoon of baking soda and put a little bit water to form a paste like. And when I apply it on my canker sore, It's so painful. I cried and I wanna scream and jump and jump like a child  till the pain is gone. I do it 3x a day, but still its getting worse. 

My mom bought this Betadine gargle and Betadine paint in Mercury Drugstore which cost around Php 200.  These meds are my superheroes. A miracle came along,I tried it 3x a day for 2 consecutive days and the Sore was gone as well my tonsillitis. On the occasion day of my little girl, the Canker Sore is healed and I did enjoy my food and drinks that day. (sigh) It was an awesome relieve. At last, I taste the delicious meal and the sweet desserts we have on our occasion. Oh my superheroes... I definitely recommend this.
 5 out of 5 stars...

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Birthday Party Tips

Every kid wants a grand party or a fairy tale party and as the parents wanted it to make their kids dreams come true and knowing to throw a party is a bit expensive, right? We'll here's some ideas that might help you to create props and fun stuffs on your kids party.

Here are some tips that might help you to plan your a party:

1. You have to think of what will be the theme of your birthday party, then you have to layout what you need to make this party do come true. Nowadays, it's not hard to find some ideas and creating stuffs for your kids, you can easily find it through internet but not everything like what we expected. Just like your kids costumes, games and props. (click here for DIY costumes) I prefer to go to Divisoria because there are some store who sell bulks which saves your money more. For the balloons, it is more practical to buy it in bulk the one who have different shapes and colors rather than the helium balloon which is a bit expensive.

2. You have to think what will be your menu or your food's list. We'll kids always love pasta, sweets like cupcakes, candies and cakes. And don't ever forget their loop bags or candy bags to be given away.For some, adults party it's so nice to have 2-3 main course and the rest will be a pica-pica foods because it's pretty sure that it will end up in drinking session.

3. If you're planning to make a fondant cake, you have to make your fondant toppers a week ahead. But if your planning to make  an order then you have to do it a week ahead as well, so that they can make your cake as what you've wanted. ( click here to see how to make fondant toppers )
(click here for cakes)

4. 1 week before the party, prints some invitation or email it to the guess that was on your guess list. And 3 days before the party you have to confirm if they'll be able to attend your party.

5. The day before the Party, decorate your place, so it won't be hassle on the next day. Check if you have all the supplies you'll be needed on the party. Pick up the cake where you order it. Check the status for Personalized items if they have not yet received. Sleep early for preparation on the next day.

6. On the big day, wake up early, prepare the ingredients and cook the foods that was not yet prepared on that day or if you do have a catering service might as well call them for confirmation of the time that they should set up the place. (click here for an affordable catering services I know )

If you have any suggestions or questions please leave a comment. 

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DIY Kids Costumes

I love to create new stuffs for my kids.  Like these costume they wore on their little sister's birthday last November 04, 2012.

The First costume I made out of my hand (it means that I just sew it bare-handed).

The Fairy

I really wanted her to be Tinkerbell look-a-like, however she doesn't feel like wearing just a dress she wanted to have a tutu (conservative kasi!) so I made her a tutu as well.

How to make a jumper short?
I choose my old green long sleeve shirt to be the linen I'm going to recreate as her jumper-short. The fabric is stretchable and it will hug her body perfectly. So, I get her one-piece swimsuit as a pattern  then trace it on the shirt then trimmed it. 

How to make a Tutu?
I bought a white dress net tulle on Divisoria where you can buy it Php 40 per yard. I got a garter for  Php 10/ yard and a left over ribbon I got from my arts& craft box. Just cut the Garter as what was your kid waist size and add 1/2 inch where you will sew it to put the end together. then get your fabric and cut it on knee lenght of your kid and after that fold your net tulle fabric 4-5 times( it depend on how many points you've wanted on your tutu) then cut a triangle on the lower part of your tutu. Use white thread to sew up the tutu. On the upper part of your skirt fold about an 1 1/2 inch and lay the white ribbon on over it and then sew it but before you finish sewing it get the garter and put it inside the skirt. Viola!!! you have your Tutu all you have to do is make a design. Some glitters and some beads stones will do.

How to make the Fairy wand?
All we need is the balloon stick, pink (2 inches thick) & green ribbons (1/2 thick), Some plastic flowers I picked on my Mom's vase (haha) and a glue. You just have to cut the balloon sticks on half then just swirl ribbon around the stick put some green ribbons on top and glue the flowers.

How to make a Fairy wings? 
(click here to watch the tutorial) I just got here the idea... you can use white stockings for a replacements.

And for your Fairy shoes you can buy plastic clear doll shoes...

I put some make up on my little girl's face and some sticker rhinestones to add a little bit spice on her face....

The Jester

How to make jester's neck piece?

What we need are:
  • scrap fabrics (3 different colors or more)
  • old shoelace
  • needle & thread
  • scissors
  • cardboard ( cut it on a triangle shaped as a pattern)
Fold the fabric into 2 then trace the pattern and cut it. Sew it and then reverse it on the other side. Cut a circle shape on the fabric and do a running stitch and then pull it to create a ball shaped then attached it on the end of the triangle shaped cloth. Sew it on the shoelace. Repeat it until you reached the neck piece you've wanted.

For additional Accessories:
Hand piece- to add an accent on the costume. Cut 2 rectangular shaped fabric in different color then sew it together. Cut a ring like cloth then attached it on the hand rectangular shaped.
Long Socks-  since the dress I made was not fitted as a pants I grabbed a orange-nude socks to hide the skin side.
Jester's Hat- We just bought it in StarCity for Php 150.
 How to make a jumpsuit?
I grabbed my old dress that has colorful stripped pattern, cut lower part of the dress  in semi half then sew it like a shorts.

Put some eyeliner and some drawing on his face... That's it!

The Pirate

Every kid has a pirate inside them. Since my son requested it and I don't have the budget to buy a pirate costume (too expensive and not practical for 1 use only) I have to think a better way. Let's start.

Pirate Hat-  My brother bought it in Divisoria for Php 50.

Eye-patch- if you have black scrap fabric cut a circle shaped and a lace and attached it together to make a eye-patch.

White Shirt- actually it's a baby overall jumpsuit, I just cut the pants off and VIOLA!!! I made the shirt.

Vest- I cut a rectangular-shaped then cut circular shaped on both side then that's it... put some buttons or any accessories to make it glamorous.

Red Belt-  I just cut a piece  of red fabric and sew it on reversed and attached the sword on it.

Ripped Pants- I used my son's shorts as a pattern and traced it on the black fabric. Cut it and sew it (as in serious!) Then cut the lower part of the pants triangular like it was ripped....

and finally

The Mermaid

Since the Birthday party theme is Under the Sea and so the star of the day should be a.k.a "Ariel the Mermaid" .

Red Wig - My brother bought this in Divisoria for Php 200.

Mermaid Overall Suit- My Auntie did this. She used a shimmery fabric to make this costume. Cut the fabric as a triangular shaped and put some garter to make it fitted and to have a crumpled effect. On the tail she just manage to put a hard cardboard and shaped it in a fish fin. Then just add some sequined and beads.

So there you have it!I hope I help you to bring up an idea.
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