Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making a Jellyfish Piñata

I'm wondering where can I find piñata that will match on Peia's birthday party theme, which is "Under the Sea". I kept on searching on the internet and looking for it. But nothing suits my satisfaction. 

My mom asked me to clean our living room, where I found a bunch of newspapers. Then I thought of doing a piñata out of it. I cooked a flour mixture to make a paste. 

 then I started to craft it. I put some petroleum gel at the top of our stainless bowl ( where my mom craft a dough) then I cut the newspapers on strips and top on top I put the newspaper and the paste mixture alternately. then I created a solid form like on this picture. I dried it then coated another newspaper on top again up until like 5 layers and have a hard form of bowl for the jellyfish body.
2nd coat

first coat
inside look

Now to give this papermache life we need this things and do this procedures:

 Then all you have to do is fill this jellyfish pinata with lots and lots of candies and coins.