Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cake Techniques

Everyone's birthday is not complete without a cake & a candle to blow. Even a cupcakes and lollicakes are now on trend. It is so delightful to eat a slice of my ultimate favorite cake, I used to buy cakes on every occasions. I can say that sometimes I'm not satisfied with the designs and sizes and it's too expensive to order a customized cake. So, I learned how to bake and started from Banana cake.  I never stop learning new techniques with baking, doing icings, putting some details, in fact, I love to watched Cake Boss Masterpiece. It was so nice to learn things from  him. But least expected not every technique will be learned thru internet. I always asked my Mom and Dad some techniques they know and I'm so glad they taught me how to.

My Dad told me a technique that I would love to share to all of you. How to make an even cut on cakes. For all we know, once you bake a cake, it's not always perfect. There's always an excess on top when the cake mixture rises. But we need a perfect flat top of our cake. So how do we do that without using cake knife?

All we need is one thing. A Thread,(sinulid)  yes! So, This is how it goes.

  • You have to cut a thread where about you can hold it on your both hands. (12inches)
  • Hold the thread on both ends and then slowly put it on the side of the cake, where you wanted it to cut.
  • Tie the thread around the cake and slowly pull it.
  • You will see the even cut of your cake
  • Turn the cake upside down for a better look.

And it is now ready for frosting.

Hope you've learned new techniques from me!
Thanks for reading my blog =)