Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Peia's Big ONE

I keep on searching for mermaid's tail and searching on internet for the cake decoration and cupcakes for my little Zara Cassopeia's 1st birthday this coming November.

 Having onmind is an experiment. I'll make a mermaid's tail out of scratch. So, my goal for this month is find a clothes and materials that I needed for my project. Hoping next week I have my tail.

Now, I have to focus on cupcake and cake decoration for my mermaid theme. I wanted the cake made of fondant. Its easy for me to make a fondant cake ( well, thanks to my mom who thought me).

These are the invitations that I wanted to be look like but I'm going to change the picture. I wanted it like Peia's head then Ariel's body as mermaid... but I'm not so good with Adobe..

The venue and the tarpuline are another problem...

I'll keep you posted for my project.Project Big ONE