Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Surprise Birthday for my Mom

It's my mom's birthday today and last night was the hardest part of the plan. My sister Daniela and I cooking some good plans on our minds, we're thinking of what gift we could give for our beloved Mom, but then again we don't have enough money and it was 10:30 pm (so late!) when we just decided to make her a cake. Sadly, our ingredients are sooooooooo incomplete. We don't have butter, so we use oil for the cake, so it not a problem anymore. We have a lot of stock Fondant in the fridge, however, we still need the butter for the frosting (that's the problem). Oh!!! we still can't make a beautiful fondant cake for her... And I second thought of the banana cake since it is my expertise, but then again...we don't have bananas ( another problem)...So, I come up with a my own version of "Fudge Brownies". I was afraid not get the perfect texture of it since the ingredients are all alternative. Anyways, while I'm doing the fudge brownies, my sister Daniela is moving her ninja moves upstairs. She's watching over my mom cause we don't wanna messed up our surprise for her. Daniela goes downstairs to check what I'm going, going upstairs to check our mommy, if she was awaken by the noise we creating downstairs. Up..down..up down... what a move Daniela...! And we got our successful night of hiding our surprise. 

It was 5 in the morning and Mom was awake and without a second thought, I jumped out of my bed and check if she's downstairs and have checked our surprise for her. Well, the good thing is, she's still on their bedroom, so I sneak out downstairs and walks slowly through our hallway holding the fudge and 3 little candles with lit. I woke up Daniela and gave her the cake, while I will sing the birthday song and my Dad is somehow pretending he's just checking something on his camera. Out of my Mom consciousness, my Dad filming her. 

It was a paid off when we saw the smile on her face and how she love the cake. We ate the fudge this morning together with Pancit Canton that my hubby cooked.

And what I think... We gave her the most delicious and Best cake ever because we baked it with LOVE...