Wednesday, November 28, 2012

D.I.Y: Princess Scroll Invitation

My daughter Azrielle Jermiah's birthday is so soon and she wanted to have a princess party. It's so hard to throw a very detailed party if you are on a tight budget. You have to think twice what will be your decorations and your supplies that will be exactly on your budget but something fun and kids would really love too.

First things first, is the invitation. A personalized royal invitation is so fun to do. This is very important to each and every party. Your close friends and family will surely be glad if they received one.

I thought of a classy old-school invitation, and before they're using a scroll paper that was announced by the messenger of the royal family. How cute it is??

So, to make this invitation all we need are:
  • A white paper
  • a brown food coloring/ coffee ( mix with water)
  • a pink ribbon ( or any color)
  • a black pen 
  • a basin
  • candle stick
  1. Put your white paper on the basin and then slowly pour the brown mixture ( brown food coloring w/ water or coffee dissolve in water). Soak it up until 3 - 5 minutes. 
  2. Gently remove the paper out of the basin, it may reap easily. 
  3. Put it on a place where the Sun is, so it will quickly dry up.
  4. Once its dry, get a candle stick and burn the side of your paper to add a little effect of a vintage paper.
  5. Then draw some vines on the upper side of the paper, just to have a little cuteness on it.
  6. Scroll the paper and tie the ribbon around it.  

You can now send it to all of the Princes and Princesses of your magical land. 

Hope you like it and thanks for reading!