Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Peia's Invitation edited in Paint Software& Microsoft Publisher

This is the picture I use for her mermaid  invitation

Since I love wanted to have a personalized invitation I come up with this idea; however our Adobe Photoshop is not working so I think of another way to do this. 

I tried to do it in Paint Software and Microsoft Publisher. First, I searched on Google some images that I need to create a mermaid invitation.. Honestly, I found some good ones but I want to have an originality. 

under the sea background
mermaid ( its from an invitation I cropped it)
This are the images that I used to come up with her "Under the Sea Invitation".

 First, I used Paint Software to together Peia's face and the mermaid body. 

Then, I edited the background into a darker contract because the original color will matched on the mermaid's tail and then, paste it on the background. Then, edited it on Microsoft Publisher and choose the postcard size so it will be much easier to cut out once its printed.
So, I come up with this picture below:
Finished Invitation
I hope you like my idea. Thanks for reading.

Cupcake Toppers Ideas for Baby Girl Christening

This is the 2nd part of my cupcake toppers.

Since it's Peia's 1st birthday and Christening at the same time we wanted to have different design themes for different occasion. We thought of baby girl's things that's why it's pink. We're going to put this toppers on the cupcake souveneirs. So here's the other pictures.
look how cute her shorts and blouse
girl's stuffs
feeding bottle

girlie bib

little princess shoes
a cup, spoon and fork and comb 

So there you go the 2nd batch of my toppers so stick for more....

Under the Sea Cupcake Toppers

Under the Sea Cupcake Toppers

Since 2 weeks from now it's my little Peia's birthday I have to be ready for her cake and cupcakes toppers. I tried to searched on the internet to find some good stuffs as inspiration; however it's so hard to find an instructional video how to make this fondant under the sea creatures, so we (my mom, my brother justin and me) decided to copy as what we can some pictures from the internet.

So my dad made the fondant for us out of "marshmallows". He started to microwave the unsweetened marshmallows and put some water (about a tsp.) 
This should be the consistency of your melted marshmallow
What you need to make a Fondant
 All you need to do a Fondant are: Unsweetened marshmallows, Petraco confectioner sugar, Shortening. You have to grease first the place where your going to mix the melted marshmallows, so it wont stick on your worktable. Then put confectioner sugar on your melted marshmallows and mix it well. If you can still hear a popping sounds like a bubbles well you still need to mashed it until the bubbles is gone. Then you will have a fondant like the one below.
Finished Fondant
Once your done with that, you have to think a theme for your fondant toppers. I choose to have an Under the Sea Theme, so I choose bright colors. I used sweet food coloring on my fondant to have many options for the toppers. Then ready your fondant tools and your Gumtext for making your toppers.
Wilton Food coloring has a sweet tatse and just a few drops or a dot on a toothpick it will have strong color. 

 These are the tools we need to make a fondant design.
You need this if you want your toppers to stand alone. It will harden your fondant

These are the colored fondant
Now, we started to make flounder which is Ariel's friend in Little Mermaid, sea shells, starfish(well, we used star cutter and just adjust the side to make it embossed), cute little crabs, octopus,seahorse,dolphins, some colored clown fishes, sting ray and babies.
playful dolphins
baby w/ rattle, sleeping baby and a hiding baby

octopus, sting ray and clown fishes


rough draft of flounder
cutie crabs

And still wanting to make more creatures. Tomorrow will be a busy day to make more toppers. So wait for more ideas for your kids under the sea theme cupcake toppers.
looks for more pictures

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making a Jellyfish Piñata

I'm wondering where can I find piñata that will match on Peia's birthday party theme, which is "Under the Sea". I kept on searching on the internet and looking for it. But nothing suits my satisfaction. 

My mom asked me to clean our living room, where I found a bunch of newspapers. Then I thought of doing a piñata out of it. I cooked a flour mixture to make a paste. 

 then I started to craft it. I put some petroleum gel at the top of our stainless bowl ( where my mom craft a dough) then I cut the newspapers on strips and top on top I put the newspaper and the paste mixture alternately. then I created a solid form like on this picture. I dried it then coated another newspaper on top again up until like 5 layers and have a hard form of bowl for the jellyfish body.
2nd coat

first coat
inside look

Now to give this papermache life we need this things and do this procedures:

 Then all you have to do is fill this jellyfish pinata with lots and lots of candies and coins.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Peia's Big ONE

I keep on searching for mermaid's tail and searching on internet for the cake decoration and cupcakes for my little Zara Cassopeia's 1st birthday this coming November.

 Having onmind is an experiment. I'll make a mermaid's tail out of scratch. So, my goal for this month is find a clothes and materials that I needed for my project. Hoping next week I have my tail.

Now, I have to focus on cupcake and cake decoration for my mermaid theme. I wanted the cake made of fondant. Its easy for me to make a fondant cake ( well, thanks to my mom who thought me).

These are the invitations that I wanted to be look like but I'm going to change the picture. I wanted it like Peia's head then Ariel's body as mermaid... but I'm not so good with Adobe..

The venue and the tarpuline are another problem...

I'll keep you posted for my project.Project Big ONE