Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween: Zombie Make-up

Trick or Treat! 

   There's a Halloween  party at St. Anthony ES (my son's school) and he doesn't have any costume yet. I come up with a "Zombie Make-up". I remember when he was still in kindergarten; he wore this costume since we are not really prepare that time and it's much cheaper but it has quality as well, compare to other costumes we can buy on a stores and he won the "Best Halloween Costume" where he got one pack of kisses as his prize.
  • Clear glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Make-up
  • Food coloring
I think it's cool to wear this costume and especially if you know how to put your make-up on. The coolest part of it is the food coloring especially the red color. It will look like a real blood when put it over your make-up.

My son's walked around our subdivision and I can see our neighbor whispering and wondering if its real or not and they thought my Son's skin was burned. 

You can also check my friend's blog for more Halloween looks...

As the result of my masterpiece... My son won 2nd prize overall. He was the first student that catches the eyes of the crowd especially the judges. I'm so happy with it!

Have a Spooky November!!!!