Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Edited Invitation for your birthday theme

You don't have to spend to much for your kids invitation or any event's invitation. With the help of our technology we can make our own and a personalized invitations.

Just like what I did for my little mermaid. As she grows she likes the character Hello Kitty, which I'm not that really surprised because most of the little girls loves Hello Kitty.

Basically I Google this images and save it on my computer and used an online photo editor to make it more fun.

A Hello Kitty Wallpaper as the invitation background

Then I cut my daughter's face and pasted on Hello Kitty's body.

Hello Kitty ballerina
And put the background and the edited hello kitty and added some accessories to make it more fun and more creative look.

Viola!!!!!!!! Here's our finished look.

back look
Hope you enjoy this article...

Simple Sweet Buffet

Wanted to have a sweet buffet for kids that you don't want to spend too much for it...?

Last November 2013, it's my baby Zara's 2nd birthday and we don't have enough money to spend for her birthday, so what we did is that we made her a small sweet buffet that I surely know that kids love so much.

chocolate nuts
See... just a little bit of imagination your kids party will surely be fun and enjoyable in a simple way.

sugar lollipops

heart-shaped gummies
chocolate lollipops
colorful sticky sour gummies
bubble gums with free temporary tattoos
Marshmallow on ice cream cone
Look how my daughter really love her little sweet buffet, she can't even wait to have one of sweets before she  blow her candle...

Hope you like it! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fashionista's Cake

It's been a weeks since the last blog, I'm just busy with my schedules this month. We are so busy making cakes for our clients and I just want to share with you one of our very critique client, which happens my own brother. Yes, he ordered a cake and he said that this will be a surprise cake for her beautiful girlfriend. So, we made this cake for 3 days because he wanted to give it 6 days before his GF's birthday. Well, we asked him what will be the designs and he said so many things and ideas and more suggestions coming when we're making the cake. Until we finalize with her gilrfriend's favorite cosmetic brand and bag.

After all, we just make all this things make to life. And we gladly make it. Her Girlfriend was happy with the surprise cake. She wouldn't thought that her dream cake did came true.

I just hope that I had a picture of her, which is a priceless facial expression when she saw the cake.

Hope you like it! and thanks for reading my blogs.