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Home Remedy: Skin Whitening

Most of the Asian girls wanted to have a fair skin as much as they will be. Some tend to go to Dermatologist or Surgeons to have some cosmetic procedures just to have a  fairest skin of all, just like Snow White.

I do have Morena Skin type ,and growing up sometimes, I wish I do have fair skin just like some celebrity that I idolized so much. I tried different things just to have the fair skin I really desire or even a close one. I used whitening soaps, lotions and more products that might help me through the process but its too expensive and I can't have this things as always because I have to budget my money for my family needs as well. 

My mom thought me her "secret weapon". She's been using this for many years now, and I can see that its really effective and I know a celebrity who's using this as well.

Are you ready for the big reveal???

Yes, it is... 

Olive oil, Iodized Salt, Sugar and Calamansi Extract.  Feels like you're going to cook a meal.  (haha) But it's true...and before I forgot you have to take a bathe with a Luke warm water and your favorite whitening soap and Lotion.

According to my researched that this ingredients that you regularly use for cooking may help you as well with your skin care. 

Let me explained it further...
  • Olive Oil- As I read this with one of the website, this oil was used as an ingredient with the soap's within Mediterranean Era. For what I know, this oil is rich in anti-oxidant like Vitamin A and E and Etc. This may help our skin be neutralized from any radicals or skin damage. It is good with our hair too. ( click here for more details ). 
  • Iodized Salt-  I believed that it helps our skin to prevent from dryness and stress. It also scrub out the  dirt and dead skin cells. ( Benefits of Iodized Salt ).
  • Sugar - This is a good exfoliant. After using sugar on your skin, you will feel fresh and smooth. (Good News about Sugar in Skin care
  • Calamansi Extract - Not just good for our health but  the juice itself has an acidity effect that can whiten our skin . It revitalized and Exfoliate your skin. But there's a proper way of using Calamansi Juice in your body or face. You have to apply this twice a week to avoid skin irritation because of the acid. It has various ways of using Calamansi Juice. ( Click here )
  • Lukewarm Water- Helps our skin to open up the pores, so that we can easily exfoliate it.

My way of doing my bathe procedure:
  1. You have to use lukewarm water for bath. You have to do this to open up your pores so that it will be easier to exfoliate our skin. 
  2. Apply the Olive oil. Keep on doing it until your body is fully greased.
  3. Apply and scrub either the Salt or the Sugar ( its your choice which one do you prefer)  in a circular motion. You have to keep on doing that until the particles is dissolved.
  4. Then apply the calamasi extract and leave it for atleast 5-10 minutes.
  5. Then washed it with lukewarm water and your favorite whitening soap or a regular soap. 
  6. After taking a bath, you will feel so fresh and smooth. Then apply your favorite lotion.
Keep on doing this procedure until you reached your desire fair skin tone.

I hope you like my blog and hope you keep me posted for the result if you're going to do this..

=) TATA!!!